Thursday, 23 May 2013

Treadmill Running

I have a love/hate relationship with the treadmill. Yesterday afternoon our weeknight group run coordinator sent out a note stating the skies didn't look like it was going to be a dry run. They have been dark for a few days now as storms have gone through. Just as the babysitter came to watch the boys while I ran and worked out and the hubby went to his men's golf league it started to down pour. I really don't mind running in a bit of rain - but not a downpour unless it's race day (See my recap of Nashville's half marathon in the rain here). 

So I decided to use the gym membership for something other than yoga and the hot tub! 

While I did get a good run & quick strength training workout in there were so many things that annoyed me about doing my run at the gym that I think I may deal with the rain next time!

** Warning ** This is going to be a complaining list - just to get it off my chest!

  • People who hold up parking lot traffic for the closest spot to the door. Unless you are handicap (and therefore would have a permit for those spots) it isn't going to hurt you to park at the back of the lot and walk to the entrance! Reminder: You are parking at a fitness gym - the walk to the entrance can count as part of your work out if you want! 
  • People who choose the treadmill right next to mine when there are plenty others open! I purposefully went to the corner of the gym away from the busy spots to have a bit of quiet and space and wouldn't you know it, but someone picked the treadmill right next to mine. And he pounded the treadmill so hard with his feet while running I thought he was going to break through it!
  • Staring at TV's rather than nature! I couldn't fully relax during this run and get into a good rhythm. I'm just not used to staring at a sports-pub-like display of TV's while I'm running. 
  • People with bad fitness club etiquette - please wipe down your equipment after using it! I saw how much you sweat and see the drips puddle on the ground under your area!
Okay, I think I'm done - whew! I feel better and I'm pretty sure I will be running out in the rain instead of on the treadmill next time - it just wasn't worth it!

Do you like running on a treadmill? Do you run on one in your home or at a gym? Are there things I could do to make it more enjoyable the next time I "have" to do a run on one?

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