Saturday, 1 June 2013

Summary Saturday

Happy June! I really like the month of June - Last day of School, Summer officially begins, and the weather isn't quite too horribly hot yet.

We have been having some pretty amazing weather her in the Toronto area - a true spring I would say. We started our week out with a Geocache adventure (see my original Geocache post here) and hike. I sought out a cache in a trail area I often run in as it dips down quite below street level and has a river/creek that runs through it. I thought the boys would love it. Unfortunately we couldn't find the cache. It was suppose to be in-between the upper and lower trails. Both the hubby and I scaled the hill and couldn't find it. The GPS kept saying we were right on top of it, but we couldn't see it. It's possible someone took it or it was misplaced - but the online log said it was last found on May 20th. Bummer. . .

The boys were tired from the walk down (we should have brought the wagon with) so we need to abandon our search and head back to the car. We went the opposite direction of the car and came out of the trail in a different neighborhood. Ooops! Instead of going back in with two tired and hungry toddlers I decided to run on the street back to the car and pick them up. I got quite the unexpected workout in that day!

Hike & Geocache find attempt


Sunday -  60+ min hike and 2k run to fetch the car for tired & hungry toddlers :-)

Monday - run = speed work 15 min WU, 3 min fast/2 min cool down, 15 min CD
strength training =  intense leg workout! I'm pretty sure we did about 150 squats - half of them holding a 20lb weight in each had, 5+ minutes of wall sits holding the 40lbs of weight, & stationary lunges! Ouch!

Tuesday - 60 minutes of much need restorative yoga

Wednesday - run = hill repeats 20 min WU, 3 x 75 second hills, 20 min CD
strength training = upper body & core
Pub Night - some would call us a breakfast (on Saturdays) and happy hour group with a running problem! I just call us fun!

Thursday - Took the boys to the fitness gym's outdoor pool for the first time. While it wasn't an official workout - we all fell asleep very quickly at bedtime. Swimming, fresh air and the hot sun was a perfect combination to wear us all out!

Friday - Another trip to the outdoor pool. This time the hubby came with. During the mandatory 15 minute break the kids had to take out of the pool I swam laps. Whew! I'm out of shape for swimming! It was only 15 minutes, but I feel like I ran a 5k! I don't see a triathlon in my future any time soon!

Saturday - 16k long run - which according to our watches was actually closer to 17k (10.5 miles). It was hot and humid when we stepped out the door. Something we will have to get used to training in the summer months. Ugh! I don't like humid running weather.

Web Find

I follow quite a few fitness and running Mommies on Instagram. One in particular @hausofgirls posts a miles challenge each month. I've never officially participated, but I saw it exactly on the 1st of the month so I thought I would give it a try. This month is #56milesinjune - They can be running or walking miles. I put in 10.5 already and will our mileage getting up there this month I think 56 miles will be no problem. Click here to follow Haus of Girls - Fit Family on Facebook. 

Goals for the Week

* Survive the week with the hubby traveling Sunday - Friday for work

* Research some Father's Day crafts for the twins to make

* Finish some looming projects - hang pictures in my craft room, display summer bucket list, get twins' big boy bedrooms set up

Do you have any mileage goals for the month of June? Any ideas for me for Father's Day crafts?!?! 

Have a great week!


  1. Your post just made me realize it has been a year since our first craft group play date, wow does time fly!

    It's too bad you guys couldn't find the geocache :(

    1. We should share ideas for Father's Day gifts. I think I'm going to do the picture again - I still have the D.A.D. letters - might be cute to have a year by year shot of that.

      I think the Geocache was too hard to find with the boys along - too tough of a terrain.