Thursday, 6 June 2013

National Running Day

I know I'm a day late, National Running Day was yesterday June 5th. But in my defense I didn't run until last evening, I'm a single Mommy this week, and does "national" mean the U.S.? because I'm currently living in Canada! :-)

I always chuckle when I see "Today is National _____ Day" posts on Facebook. They are usually silly ones like National Peanut Day or National Wash your Dog Day. I've never participated in a National ____ Day. But I am all for a National Running Day. I have a babysitter planned for every Wednesday so I can run and the hubby can golf. I was really looking forward to the sitter coming so I could get out and run since I missed the group run and workout on Monday night due to the hubby being out of town.

Of course one of the twins had to have an epic meltdown when the babysitter arrived and used every heart wrenching plea in the book to get me to stay: "Mommy I NEED you!", "Mommy I will miss you!" "Mommy please don't leave me!", etc. Ugh! 

I finally left the house and a short while later got this nice note from the babysitter! She may have been lying just to make me feel better (although she assured me when I got home she wasn't - he really did settle down) but I don't care - it made me feel better and helped me have a good run! I swear 3 is the new terrible 2!

My National Running Day/Night run was a short one of 4.2k (2.5 miles) of hill repeats followed by an upper arm and core workout. I'm pretty sure that I did close to 200 push ups last night! I feel ok today, but tomorrow I may need a straw to get my coffee up to my mouth! 

The slogan of the gym we strength train at is "I Train my Body for Function not Fashion"! I love it! Of course I'm not going to complain if I start getting the look of toner muscles and my clothes fit a bit better, but I do all this running and strength training to feel healthy physically and mentally!

Did you get out for a run for National Running Day? What other National ______ Days do you celebrate? 

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