Friday, 14 June 2013

Moon in June 10K Race Recap

On Saturday June 8th we ran the Moon and June 10K road race. It raises money for the Halton Trauma Centre for the prevention of all forms of child maltreatment and neglect.

Most Saturday nights we get babysitters. It's our date night and has been for quite a while. I mentioned in this post how I really don't like going out on Friday nights because of being tired from the long week, having to get up for a long run the next morning, etc. It was quite rare that a couple of weeks ago when someone mentioned running a race on a Saturday night that I knew we were free. We usually have something planned with someone - I know we sound like we are the "it" thing with our social life - but I will refer back to the "me only wanting to go out on Saturday nights" and it limits how often we get together with people. 

My view at the night time start
There were lots of first with this date-night-race. The very first is that I have never ran a race at 9:00 at night before. I'm pretty sure I have never started a run after 7:00 at night so I knew this was going to be interesting. The day was pretty clear, but as the night went on there was a dark cloud that started hanging over us. I think a night race like this would have been really neat if there was a pretty sunset as we started. Unfortunately there was a dark rain cloud instead.

The cutest thing was a 1k race for the kids. They were all wearing matching blue shirts and were so excited to get started! 

Future Marathoners!

Have I mentioned I run and train with an amazing group of people? I have? Well I've said it again. Here's our group of runners from Canada Get Fit at the start of the race. Most of us ran the 10k but there was a 5k as well. 

Here's a shot of the Hubby and me at the start of the race. I say we "ran a race together" but that really isn't true. What I should say is we kiss at the starting line, both run a race, and he waits for me to finish. He's stinkin' fast! He ran this 10k in 43:39, placed 20th overall and was 14th in his age group! I ran it in 57:22. 

That's where my other first comes in. I realized when I finished the race that I have never "raced" a 10k before. Which really astonishes me! Really? I've ran a marathon and many half marathons but never a 10k. Strange. . . but I'll take another Personal Best time! It may be my first recorded 10k race time, but that still makes it a personal best!

Here's my training and running partner. He was good and got up on Saturday morning instead of sleeping in like I did (really when will I be able to sleep in on a Saturday again before the marathon in October?!?!) and ran 8k. 

He said to me at the beginning of the race "Since I ran this morning I'm just doing this for fun." 

Part way through the race he said "Feel free to go ahead at any time, I'm not pushing it." 

At the pub when we were enjoying a pint of beer and looking up our results he said "I beat you by 2 seconds!" 

Gee, Thanks Jim! Ha! :-) He said he was feeling really good and pushed us to the finish line in a great time! 

Not that this is a requirement for a race you run at night, but it really is an added perk: We were given beverage tickets to use once we finish the race! There was a lovely tent offering us beer & wine for our accomplishment! Yes please! 

Notice how the hubs has much more gone than I do? That's because he is super fast and was drinking while the rest of us finished! :-)

If we are still living here at this time next year we will do the race again for sure! The boys will be a bit over 4 so we may think about having them participate in the kids run - but as my hubby said when we got home that night "That was a really fun date night" we may keep it a kid free event! 

Have you ever ran a night race? Do you integrate physical fitness with your date nights with your partner?

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