Saturday, 21 September 2013

Longest Training Run

35k - 21.75 miles to be exact (because I'm American, ha!) Done!

My longest training run of the Chicago Marathon training season has been looming on the calendar for today for 22 weeks.

Last Saturday for my 29k run it was the most perfect running weather! 50 degrees, clear skies, no wind - really perfect!

This morning, not-so-much. . . Rain for the entire run - it was 60 degrees, but I still got a bit chilled with being really wet the entire run. I struggled to know what to wear so again I went to the Runner's World "What to Wear" Tool

Here's a mental picture of the 35k's this morning:

Start - Ugh, it's raining and a bit chilly, what do I wear? I had shorts and a long sleeve shirt on when I arrived to meet my group and after seeing what others were wearing I changed into a t-shirt and a vest.

First 5 to 7k - Fine, I'm just going to be wet, but it's cool and makes for decent running temperature. This is going to be a long run though if we keep running around and over puddles.

7 to 14k - Ok, I'm in a rhythm with the run. I've decided to stop hopping over puddles and just go through them (at least the "little" ones). My partner Jim mentioned that we only have a half marathon left to run today - great! :-)

15 to 20k - Why on earth did I sign up for a marathon again? This is ridiculous! I'm soaking wet, I feel blisters forming on my toes and I'm cold every time I stop for water. I can't imagine going 15+ more kilometers for this training run and more for the actual race. Race day better be good weather because I've trained for this race in snow, extreme heat, & rain. 

20 to 30k - Alright, this isn't so bad. I'm doing pretty good. We are keeping our 6/6:15 per kilometer pace and we actually feel pretty good when we accidentally increase to 5:40/5:50 pace. I just want to keep moving to get this finished. I have decided that my reward for after the run should be a Bloody Mary and a big plate of Nachos!

30 to 32k - What? I have to pass by my car to finish this 35k? I'm sopping wet, I want dry clothes, there is a coffee shop right there with warm coffee. If I was by myself I would say - that's it, this is far enough. My legs are getting to the "please don't make us move any farther!" stage.

32.5k - 34.66k - Turn around for finally the last push to the end. I'm feeling better again - it's amazing what your mental status does to your body. I pick up the pace a bit because I'm feeling like I can and I just really, really want to finish.

34.66k - I'm done. High fiving one of my running partners Deanna. We did it! 

34.66k again - Jim comes up and say "I have that we need to go 200 more meters to get to 35k, let's keep going we can't stop now!" Ugh, ok! We run to the end of the block and turn around and pretty much run around the parking lot. 

34.93k - Close! Frickin'! Enough!

Woo! Hoo!

Chicago here I come!

Taper time is going to feel fantastic!

I didn't get my Bloody Mary and Nachos, but I'm writing this with a margarita in hand and the hubby grilling steaks for dinner!

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