Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Wall Sit Torture

Yes it may look like an innocent red, plastic plate, but it can take your wall sits to a whole new level! 

Last night our strength trainer told us that he was lying in bed the night before thinking about how he could make the wall sit harder. Gee, thanks Omar! 

At the gym they have these flexible, plastic discs called gliders that we've used to make push ups more intense (do you sense a trend on the trainers wanting to make things harder?!?!) last night we used them to make our wall sits nearly unbearable! 

You could do it at home with a plastic or paper plate. Get into your wall sit - legs should be at a 90 degree angle, back & shoulders against the wall, looking straight ahead. 

Then step your heel onto the plate - only one heel as I assure you your feet will go right out from underneath you if you attempt both. Also only your heel should be on the plate - it does no good to have your entire foot or front of your foot on the plate. 

We did this exercise in a sequence of other squat exercises, holding this position for 1 min at a time. If doing alone, hold on one side for 1 minute, rest 30 secs - 1 minute, then switch sides. We did 4 minutes total - 2 minutes each leg! 

Feel the burn! I sure do today doing this again long enough to take these pictures! 

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